Product Training Syllabus

Electric Office: User

Electric Office: User
What will I learn from this course?

This course is designed to instruct end users in using Electric Office to add, correct, analyse, report and plot geospatial electrical distribution and transmission network data.

The delivery model is an instructor led hands-on course and as such requires a classroom environment suitable to support the number of users attending the training, with one individual per workstation.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who requires a thorough understanding of the Smallworld Electric Office functionality, such as EO users, configurers, database administrators, data modellers and managers, and for prospective Smallworld customers.


Basic computing skills

Ideally students also should have experience of:
- Smallworld Core Spatial Technology
- Electricity Industry

Course Duration

4 Days

Course Objectives

Become familiar with Smallworld Electric Office as a user

Insert new Electric facilities into the GIS

Modify existing GIS data while maintaining network connectivity

Build new Electric networks

Test integrity of Electric networks

Update Phasing of conductors

Create analysis reports based on Electric data

Course Agenda

Welcome and Introduction

Project and Design Concepts

Data Model Concepts for Energised Objects

Electric Office 4.2 Data Model for Energised Objects

Object Editors

Circuit Topics

Object Control Visualisation Tools

Energised Equipment and Structures

Locator Quickfind

Advanced Trail Topics

Network Tracing

Bulk Update

Area and Line Length in Area Calculator

Rephase, Reposition & Reconductor

Transformer Load

Circuit Reports

Transmission Circuit Inventory & Operations

Thematic Mapping

Inventory Reporter

Map Grid Plotting


Audit History

Other features