Product Training Syllabus

Network Inventory Gateway: Physical Browser

Network Inventory Gateway: Physical Browser

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What will I learn from this course?

The Network Inventory Gateway Physical Browser training course illustrates all user aspects of the web interface to Physical Network Inventory.

Who Should Attend?

Network Inventory Gateway Users

Physical Network Inventory Users


Those attending the course should have some previous experience of Physical Network Inventory

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Objectives

After the course, students shall have understanding and practical experience of:

User interface and the help system

Using the menu and toolbar, selecting objects, zooming and panning the map

Using and saving bookmarks

Using the object lister, selecting objects, finding objects, exporting to external applications, viewing object details, highlighting, go to, internal views

Using the overview tab

Using the object view tab, display location, displaying internals, send to map

Trail tab interface, multiple trail points

Using the find tab and the query wizard

Using the connectivity diagram, examining structures and connectivity, viewing fibre connectivity and tracing

Printing and plotting

Using tasks


Course Agenda

The User Interface and Online help System

The menu and Toolbar

Using and saving bookmarks

Object Lister and Object Details

Overview and Object View

Trail tab

The Find tab and Query Wizard

Connectivity and Tracing

Printing and Plotting

Tasks and Redlining