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Smallworld Field Information System

Smallworld Field Information System

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What will I learn from this course?

The Designing and Managing Smallworld Field Information System training course provides:

An overview of Smallworld Field Information System

Guidance on how an organisation can implement a field system using the software

Instructions on how to install, administer and maintain a field system

Instructions on how to customise and distribute client field applications

The course also covers the installation, administration and maintenance of Smallworld Task Management, specifically how it is used as part of a Smallworld Field round trip system.

Who Should Attend?

Database administrators (DBAs)

Personnel responsible for customising and configuring field applications

GIS analysts, administrators and developers

IT managers

Business analysts


Smallworld Core Spatial Technology Foundation Training

Some experience with XML, and ideally some experience of Java

Course Duration

4 Days

Course Objectives

Customise field applications

Build data server and extract server images, and configure extract servers

Build profiles based on user requirements

Use the Profile Builder and Extract Manager tools

Schedule extraction and design effective extract deployment strategies

Create and use tasks, and import them into Smallworld Task Management

Implement round trip data flow between the main database and field computers

Course Agenda


Introduction to Smallworld Field Information System

Installing Smallworld Field Information System

Looking at profiles and extracts

Designing profiles for users

Designing field applications

Database administration 1

Task management

Database administration 2