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GeoSpatial Server: Development

GeoSpatial Server: Development
What will I learn from this course?

This course is designed to instruct students developing a custom business service and providing web services to access existing business services. The addition of new services in the EIS and middle tiers is covered, using example services delivered in the GeoSpatial Server Development Examples layered product.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for application developers who will provide new business services to access new or existing functionality in the EIS tier, or who will provide new web services to access existing business services in the middle tier.


GeoSpatial Server Administration course

Smallworld system administration experience, including setup of ACE and Authorisation databases

Familiarity with Java, configuring and using a J2EE application server such as JBoss, experience with a J2EE development environment such as Eclipse

Familiarity with application development in Core Spatial Technology, including Magik programming experience

Course Duration

4 Days

Course Objectives

Following the course, students will be able to:

Add new business services to the middle and EIS tiers of a GeoSpatial Server installation

Access a database:
- Use URNs for accessing database objects
- Return records as a service result

Interact with standard GeoSpatial Server services and state of user's session

Add web service access to an existing business service, using code-first or contract-first development

Course Agenda

Introduction to the course

GeoSpatial Server for developers

Introduction to GeoSpatial Server EJB Service Development

Exploring the GeoSpatial Server Development Environment

The Message EJB Service

Service writing topics

Service chaining

Geometric input to the EIS tier

Introduction to web services

Writing sinple web services

Web service topics