Product Training Syllabus

Smallworld Fiber To The Home (FTTH):
User and Configuration

Splice Report
Splice Report
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What will I learn from this course?
This course is designed to instruct end users in how to:

Use the automated features in capturing FTTH networks both point–to-point and PON type

Configure Smallworld FTTH, creating specifications and templates as well as post-installation configurations

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for end users who are responsible for administrating Smallworld FTTH; network planners, network administrators and prospective Smallworld FTTH customers


Good knowledge of PNI

Knowledge of FTTH and equipment used in telecoms

Familiarity with XML is an advantage

Course Duration

2 days

Course Objectives
Following the course, students will have:

Familiarity with using Smallworld FTTH as a user/network planner

Basic awareness of some of the relevant options and FTTH settings

Familiarity with setting of default values in XML files

Knowledge of how to configure XML options and rules

Course Agenda

Introduction to Smallworld FTTH

Network Overview

Elements used in FTTH networks

Smallworld FTTH application – tabs and objects

FTTH Workflow

Planning a Network

Specification administration

  • - Creating specifications
  • - Handling dynamic enumerators

FTTH settings and options

Post installation settings, configuring:

  • - RME splice shelf,
  • - cells
  • - demand points and customer premises
  • - customer drop creation
  • - conduits and cable insertion
  • - splitters and splicing rules