Product Training Syllabus

Core Spatial Technology: Foundation

Core Spatial Technology: Foundation
What will I learn from this course?

The Foundation Training course provides a general overview of various parts of Smallworld Core Spatial Technology. Most of the topics described in this course are covered in much greater depth in other specific training courses.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who requires an overview of Smallworld Core, such as users, configurers, database administrators, data modellers, developers of Smallworld applications, managers and prospective Smallworld customers


Basic computing skills

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Objectives

Become familiar with using Smallworld Core as a user

Gain a basic knowledge of how to configure the user environment for Smallworld applications

Understand the main functions of database administration

Explore some basic Smallworld Magik commands, and create some Magik objects

Gain experience of remote access to a Smallworld application server, through use of Smallworld Spatial Intelligence and/or Smallworld Internet Application Server

Course Agenda



Using Smallworld Core Spatial Technology
- Getting started
- Objects and geometry
- Queries and analyses
- Layouts

Configuring the user environment

Database administration

Data modelling

Introduction to Magik

Smallworld Spatial Intelligence

Smallworld Internet Application Server