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Core Spatial Technology: Data Modelling

Core Spatial Technology: Data Modelling
What will I learn from this course?

The Data Modelling Training course provides an introduction to data modelling using Smallworld Core Spatial Technology, which is an extension of conventional relational database design. Geometry is introduced as an additional data type, and spatial and topological relations are added to the familiar cardinal relations. The course uses the Smallworld Case Tool, which is the recommended user interface for the system designer. The practical sessions gradually build up a simple Water Data Model, to demonstrate specific aspects of data modelling.

Who Should Attend?

System Analysts and Programmer Analysts who will be following the full Smallworld software development program

System Architects and Designers who need to know what can be accomplished within Smallworld Core


Smallworld Core Spatial Technology Foundation Training

Basic computing experience at design or programming level

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Objectives

Understand the key concepts of designing a database within the Smallworld environment

Become familiar with the Case Tool

Gain experience of GIS data modelling as an extension of conventional database design

Course Agenda

Introduction and overview

The Case Tool

Smallworld architecture

User objects

User interface

Geometry overview

Topological geometry and manifolds

Join relationships



Data model integrity

System performance

World of geometry

Geometry Modelling

External data