Product Training Syllabus

Core Spatial Technology: Configuration

Core Spatial Technology: Configuration
What will I learn from this course?

The Configuring Smallworld Core Spatial Technology training course illustrates all configuration aspects of Smallworld Core Spatial Technology.

Who Should Attend?

Configurers of Smallworld Core


Smallworld Foundation

Basic Magik programming

Course Duration

4 Days

Course Objectives

After the course, students shall have understanding and practical experience of:

Working with application framework images

Configuring an application using tools such as the ACE and XML configuration files

Configuration of multiple object visualisation through the use of the ACE, the Style System, system resource files

Configuration of tables, alphanumeric and geometric attribute through the Authorisation System

Aspects of an application which are configurable via XML

Building image and application modules

Configuring an application

Analysing an application configuration

Configuration troubleshooting

Adapting existing applications to different user requirements

Course Agenda


Overview and definitions

ACE, including
- Display styles
- Style groups
- Object configuration
- System Bookmarks
- System Themes

Extensible enumerators

Style System and the Style Designer

Authorisation System

XML, including
- Basic XML introduction
- Application configuration
- Plugins
- Object Editor
- Explorer
- Core Plugins
- Layouts, printing and plotting
- Spatial contexts
- Base Applications
- Special Applications
- Keyboard configuration