Product Training Syllabus

Core Spatial Technology: Application Development

Core Spatial Technology: Application Development
What will I learn from this course?

The Application Development Training course provides an introduction to the development of customised applications based on Smallworld Core Spatial Technology.

Who Should Attend?

Application developers who are following the full Smallworld customisation programme


Smallworld Core training courses: Foundation, Magik, Data Modelling (or equivalent experience of using Magik and the Case Tool)

A minimum of two years' experience with a procedural or object-oriented programming language such as C++ or Java

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Objectives

Develop an application based on Smallworld Core, with interactive access to the functionality

Configure the user interface to an application, to include providing alternative ways of accessing existing functionality and providing access to new functionality

Learn advanced aspects of the Magik language necessary for controlling an application

Use the Case Tool to define the data model for a Smallworld dataset, including custom behaviour for user objects

Learn advanced techniques for accessing datasets in a Smallworld database, including loading data, creating geometry and storing it in a dataset

Use and configure tools such as the Editor Manager and Smallworld Explorer which are integral parts of Smallworld Core

Customise the Style system for user objects and geometry types

Course Agenda


Products, images and sessions

Application framework architecture

GUI configuration

Viewing and managing maps

Spatial contexts

GUI containers and controls

Creating a database

Magik control statements

XML data loader

Database operations

Core plugins