Product Training Syllabus

Core Spatial Technology: Administration

Core Spatial Technology: Administration
What will I learn from this course?

The Administration Training course covers fundamental architectural concepts of Smallworld databases, through to the main steps necessary to perform regular database, application and software installation maintenance, through lessons and hands-on exercises.

Who Should Attend?

Smallworld System Administrators

Smallworld Database Administrators (DBAs)


Smallworld Core Spatial Technology Foundation, or equivalent practical experience of using Smallworld software

Basic knowledge and experience with the Magik programming language

Practical experience of performing system and database administration tasks

Course Duration

3-5 days, depending on required modules

Course Objectives

Install Smallworld products

Configure a Smallworld Core installation

Build and maintain images

Manage access to Smallworld databases

Back up Smallworld databases

Understand how a Smallworld database operates

Plan strategies for maintaining a database

Perform core DBA activities such as backing up, compressing and restructuring a database, to ensure data is maintained and optimised

Course Agenda

Product installation

Product configuration

User configuration

Loading products and modules

Applications, user interfaces and images

Dataset Controller

Releases, upgrades and patches


Security and Authorisation

Version managed datastore

Smallworld Datastore Server

Managing the database

Monitoring performance

Backup and integrity

Problem solving and disaster recovery

Superfiles, working top, and managing large databases

Persistent cache

Remote data, extracts and replicas

Planning, strategies and recording

External databases

Data model evolution