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Electric utilities and independent power producers are under increasing pressure to ensure their grids remain reliable over a wide range of operating conditions and to extend the operating life of key assets. GE’s Substation Automation devices offer a seamless and scalable solution for automating and providing visibility to power system networks. Led by our team of seasoned industry experts, GE can develop, integrate and deliver a complete automation system that is tailored to a customer’s specific needs and requirements. Solutions we are able to provide can be as straightforward as developing a local substation HMI to creating a complex solution that is integrated with SCADA or DCS systems and able to provide Fault Diagnostic capability, Asset predictive diagnostics, Load shedding, and Secure Engineering access.

PowerLink Connect

GE offers an industry-leading suite of Gateways, RTU's, and Data Concentrators for automating substation equipment and providing visibility to critical electrical assets found across the transmission and distribution power grids. With support for a wide array of input and output options, a large number of protocols available in the industry including IEC 61850, DNP3.0, and IEC60870 series, and the new built in cyber security features, GE has the ability to connect and integrate your power system equipment with virtually any HMI, SCADA or Energy Management System with the security, reliability and dependability characteristics you can expect from GE Substation equipment.

Substation Gateways
Hydran M2

GE's offering for utility and industrial customers includes substations and switchyards incorporating a 34.5kV to 765kV High Voltage (HV) primary voltage rating. Projects include conventional air insulated (AIS) or gas insulated (GIS) designs for outdoor or indoor application and are provided as equipment packages, or in various stages of design-build (turnkey). Projects include electrical and civil engineering / design and procurement of equipment, materials, and protection / control / monitoring systems. Inspection, testing, and commissioning can be included as well with equipment packages. Protection and Control Systems can be provided in pre-fabricated buildings or a custom building constructed on site.

If a turnkey system is ordered, GE offers surveys, soil tests, engineering, design, furnish equipment and components, construct the substation and test / commission it for energization by GE. Additionally, GE can perform required power system studies in support of the project.

Hydran M2