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White Papers/Case Study

File NameTitleRevision DateFormat
BrokenBarCase study: Enhanced Algorithm for Motor Rotor Broken Bar Detection06/21/2011 [736k]
This paper describes an algorithm for detection of broken rotor bars based on MCSA enhanced with a set of motor conditions, collected by a protection relay to avoid a false declaration of an alarm due to rotor problems.
CyclingLoadCase Study: Setting a Motor Management Relay for a Cyclic Load Application06/26/2005 [699k]
This application note shows that when the time constants are properly matched, the relay works correctly on cyclic loads. It also provides practical examples of how to set up the Multilin 469 relay.
DistBusProtCase study: Distributed Bus Protection in the Smart Substation12/16/2013 [3.2M]
This paper presents a new Distributed Bus Protection System that is not only as a protection system, but also a platform that incorporates the data from the HV equipment in an IEC 61850 process bus scheme.
PcsystemsCase study: Protection and control systems for pulp and paper08/04/2010 [1.7M]
This paper will discuss using relay functionality to fully monitor the protection and control system, which will identify problems within the system before they manifest themselves by miss-operation.
IslLoadShedCase Study: Design & Implementation of an Islanding and Load Shed System07/18/2008 [632k]
This paper presents the design and implementation details of a control system that detects an island condition in an industrial facility and executes a multi-tier load shed based on the load-generation balance.
MotorAppsWhite Paper: Motor Protection Principles06/26/2005 [1.4M]
This paper presents main risks and solutions for an overheated motor, as any motor failure will have the following cost contributors: repair or replacement, removal, installation and loss of production.
GEA-31951Case Study: Top 5 Reasons to Implement Distributed Bus Protection11/18/2015 [2.2M]
This paper will discuss the evolution of bus protection, focusing on distributed bus protection schemes and five key considerations in implementing IEC 61850 process bus distributed bus protection schemes in modern power systems.
GET-20025BWhite Paper: IEC 61850 Interoperability and Implementation05/18/2016 [720k]
This white paper outlines the interoperability of IEC 61850. Our practices, with several use-cases for interoperability within a multi-vendor environment are analyzed. The architecture/process at the device level and system level is proposed too.
GEA-31987White Paper: Strategies for Maintaining Grid Reliability with the Multilin UR Platform10/12/2016 [967k]
Operators must have a relay lifecycle strategy to ensure device health and power system reliability. If you have an earlier generation UR, this paper guides you through a strategy and demonstrates how the UR minimizes typical device upgrade costs.


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