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F650 Bay Controller

File NameTitleVersionRevision DateManualNotes
650Setup810EnerVista 650 Setup Software8.1005/17/2018
F650fw770F650 Firmware (Advanced communication models)7.7005/17/2018
650 Setup version 8.10 or greater must be used to upgrade this firmware in the relay. For C650/F650 hw version 10.
F650_7.70_cfgF650 Configuration Files for firmware 7.707.7005/17/2018
Boot_6_00Boot Code for all 650 models6.00
F650_577_cfgF650 Configuration Files for firmware 5.775.7701/18/2018
F650_577_PLCF650 PLC Configuration Files for firmware 5.775.7701/18/2018
F650_V577F650 Firmware (enhanced models)5.7701/18/2018
For F650 with HW 08. 650 Setup version 7.60 or greater must be used to upgrade this firmware in the relay.
NoticeF650 and C650 firmware version 7.00 to 7.52 End-of-Manufacturing Notice04/11/2018
f650flash_enF650 Flash Memory Update Procedure04/17/2008
* The hardware version of the relay can be verified in the identification label or in the bottom bar of EnerVista 650 Setup software version 3.00 or later when communicating with the relay.
If the identification label of the relay does not show any hardware version:
- Models with options 4 and 5 for I/O boards or option 6 for IEC61850 protocol are always hardware version 01.
- Otherwise hardware version is 00.
  • It is mandatory to maintain version compatibility between firmware and boot code in the upgrade procedure. See boot code release notes for more details.

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