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D20MX Substation Controller
Support Documents

File NameTitleRevision DateFormat
PRBT-0400SGConfig version 11.0 release notification08/14/2018 [236k]
PRBT-0411Release notification of firmware 1.7008/14/2018 [209k]
PRBT-0396SGConfig HMI Viewer Release Notification version 1.010/10/2017 [135k]
PRBT-0392Release notification of firmware 1.6208/11/2017 [145k]
PRBT-0305Product Bulletin: D2x NERC - CIP Response06/15/2017 [269k]
PRBT-0384Release notification of firmware 1.5104/06/2017 [134k]
PRBT-0383D20MX v1.60 Documentation CD Update03/30/2017 [126k]
PRBT-0352Product Bulletin: D20ME II/ME Replacement03/30/2017 [293k]
PRBT-0374Release notification of firmware 1.610/25/2016 [133k]
PRBT-0343Product Bulletin: D20MEII/ME to D20MX Quick Start Guide06/10/2016 [502k]
TN0066Technical Note: D20MX Earth Ground to Signal Ground Connection05/30/2016 [199k]
TN0049Technical Note: The D20MX and its Predecessors - Features and Functionality04/28/2016 [250k]
PRBT-0362Product Bulletin: ConfigPro Notice of Discontinued Support11/24/2015 [105k]
PRBT-0333Product Bulletin: Release of D20 spares part numbers10/15/2014 [180k]
PRBT-0332D20MX v1.40 Documentation CD Update10/02/2014 [105k]
PRBT-0306D20MX Substation Controller - Compliance against IEEE 161306/26/2013 [333k]
d20mxsb0305Product Bulletin: NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Response04/25/2013 [231k]


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