Smallworld Network Inventory
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GEA-12926White Paper: Smallworld Network Inventory for the converged telecoms operator05/28/2015 [760k]
Mobile operators continue to develop strategies to increase their market share and compete head-to-head with fixed-line providers. The challenge is to control the costs associated with network build and the on-going operation and maintenance.
FTTH_white_paperWhite Paper: Planning FTTH networks to meet digital agenda for Europe targets06/29/2012 [157k]
The European Council’s Digital Agenda for Europe targets will have a profound effect on the telecoms industry. Recognizing the need to support quick, cost-effective design, GE has added an FTTH planning module to its Smallworld Network Inventory.
Util_Telecom_paperWhite Paper: Utility telecom infrastructure management06/29/2012 [133k]
This paper discusses the challenges facing the electric industry, both managing the existing network and moving towards a more advanced infrastructure. It highlights the role an advanced asset management solution will play in managing the network.
GEA-12814BCase Study: NetCologne: Innovative competitive local exchange carrier delivers broadband services using Smallworld10/22/2015 [455k]
NetCologne’s deployment of Smallworld Network Inventory has been key to managing and operating their network, and has resulted not only in a dramatic improvement in their planning, but the process of resolving network faults.
PERNCase Study: Network Inventory implementation at PERN02/28/2014 [1.5M]
The Smallworld system is a critical element within PERN’s IT landscape, resulting in effective operation of the networks. Integration with the optical network system has resulted in significant reductions in time needed to identify network events.
GEA-31949Case Study: Smallworld Network Inventory & Exatel11/10/2015 [1.9M]
EXATEL successfully deployed GE’s Smallworld Network Inventory solution to revitalize its network inventory initiative. The project’s goal was to develop an end-to-end telecommunication services infrastructure management solution.
GEA-32003Case Study: How New Zealand's primary service provider is delivering ultra-fast broadband using Smallworld solutions11/15/2016 [1.6M]
Chorus selected Smallworld Physical Network Inventory in the 90s as their physical inventory platform. By 2005, legacy systems were migrated into Smallworld, providing a centralized inventory of the entire copper and fiber network across New Zealand.
GEA-32013EWhite Paper: How the Smallworld Network Inventory portfolio enables next generation access networks03/03/2017 [598k]
The potential rewards and challenges facing network operators as they transform their networks to a next generation access network are staggering. A geospatial network system integrated with other operational support systems is critical.
GEA-32018Case Study: Swisscom and GE's Smallworld: Meeting the Growing Demand for Higher Bandwidth Service04/28/2017 [5.4M]
National Grid achieved a huge industry milestone with the energization of the first SF6-free 420 kV gas-insulated line in their Southeast England network. National Grid used g3: Green Gas for Grid as the environmentally friendly alternative to SF6.


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