High Voltage Direct Current Systems
White Papers/Case Study

File NameTitleRevision Date Format
PEA-0560Case Study: What should it be? FACTS or HVDC?03/19/2018 [437k]
When energy network managers consider upgrading an alternating current transmission network, power electronics provide efficient solutions. This paper highlights considerations for selecting the optimum solution.
PEA-1642Case Study: Nalcor Energy - Energizing Atlantic Canada02/16/2018 [475k]
GE Helps Nalcor Energy Build An Energy Corridor Moving More Power From Labrador to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
Rio-MadeiraCase Study: Rio Madeira HVDC Project Infographic11/01/2015 [1.8M]
Rio Madeira HVDC Project Infographic
DolWin3Case study: DolWin3 HVDC project: 160 km DC connection for offshore wind power11/01/2015 [449k]
Work to complete the DolWin3 grid connection is proceeding at full speed so that the connection can be brought online in 2018.
PEA-0577Case Study: Buk-Dangjin - Godeok HVDC11/01/2015 [283k]
Case study on transmitting power at the heart of a densely populated city using HVDC
PEA-0572Case Study: IFA 2000 France – UK HVDC transmission link11/01/2015 [401k]
Case study on the cross-channel IFA 2000 transmission link
PEA-0568Case study: HVDCice case study11/01/2015 [1.7M]
Case study on the solution for de-icing HVDC equipment
PEA-0580Case Study: Konti-Skan 1 HVDC11/01/2015 [330k]
Case study on the renovation and upgrade of the HVDC link at Kont-Skan pole 1
PEA-0567Case Study: Nelson River HVDC upgrade 11/01/2015 [382k]
Case study on the HVDC thyristor valve and control technology upgrades at Nelson River
PEA-0579Case Study: Rio Madeira HVDC link11/01/2015 [400k]
Case study on the 2,386 km HVDC transmission link in Rio Madeira
PEA-0566Case Study: Sasaram HVDC project11/01/2015 [1.4M]
Sasaram HVDC project case study
PEA-0571Case study: Lindome station HVDC case11/01/2015 [2.4M]
Case study on the renewals of the HVDC link between Sweeden and Denmark
PEA-0574Case Study: South West Link HVDC10/01/2015 [406k]
Case study on transmitting power and controlling the voltage with HVDC in Sweden
PEA-0576Case Study: Jeju Island HVDC link II10/01/2015 [450k]
Case study on the 400MW HVDC project linking South Korea and Jeju Island
KurukshetraCase Study: Kurukshetra UHVDC Project Infographic10/01/2015 [2M]
Infographic on the 3000 MW UHVDC transmission project at Kurukshetra
GCCIACase Study: GCCIA HVDC interconnection08/01/2010 [4.5M]
Case study on the GCCIA Phase 1 HVDC interconnection in the Gulf


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