Advanced Distribution Management
White Papers/Case Study

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GEA-12943AWhite Paper: Putting Mobile First: Strategies for Creating a Mobile-Centric Operational Model In Utilities10/14/2016 [272k]
Businesses are heading towards a post-PC era with the onset of mobile technology. We believe electrical utilities will redesign operations around the mobilization of advanced distribution management by placing mobile technology at the center of their model.
GTMOutageWhite Paper: Best practices in outage management09/16/2013 [681k]
Addressing the shortcomings of traditional outage management processes and leveraging the insights collected in the field requires integrated tools that can link these disparate processes. GE has pioneered best-in-class tools to close the loop.
GEA-12948AWhite Paper: The Challenges of GIS and DMS Integration and considerations for grid resiliency10/14/2016 [177k]
With integration comes cost savings by minimizing the amount of manual entry and duplication of network changes. Understanding the roles and limitations of each network model type helps to define their successful integration.
GEA-32008White Paper: From Reaction to Pro-action: Modernizing the grid control room10/14/2016 [823k]
The future brings a more active network due to grid complexity, challenging our ongoing commitment to keep our people and the public safe. Our research has resulted in a new user interaction for grid modernization that will revolutionize operations.
GEA-31953Case Study: Improving Safety, Reliability and Affordability through Mobile Switching01/12/2016 [730k]
Western Power implemented a range of initiatives to improve their efficiency while enhancing delivery of network investment. The rollout of mobile switching was one of these initiatives, and contributed to a $54.5M reduction in operating expenditure.


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