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On-line Condition Monitoring systems

In case of equipment critical to your performance, periodic visits and site inspections may not be sufficient. Alstom on-line condition monitoring tools will bring to your critical assets the real-time condition assessment, predictive and alert mechanisms they deserve in order to minimise unplanned outages, and avoid major repair costs or collateral damage.

By early detection of incipient failures, Alstom Grid condition monitoring tools can reduce your failure rates by up to 70%, while reducing your maintenance costs up to 30%. The devices are usable on any manufacturer equipment.

Several options can be deployed, from direct connection of condition sensors with data collectors, up to comprehensive on-line analysis capabilities. Third party condition monitoring devices can also be integrated to meet specific objectives.

For Power Transformers, options range from data collection by dissolved gas analysis (DGA) sensors up to the comprehensive monitoring of all transformer components with Alstom Grid’s condition monitoring device MS3000: active parts, bushings, on-load tape changer, cooling system and conservator.

For Gas Insulated Substations, Alstom has developed innovative digital gas sensors and advanced processing techniques. These monitor and forecast gas density, localise internal arc, monitor circuit breaker condition, and analyse UHF partial discharge events. 

For Air Insulated Circuit Breakers, Alstom devices can monitor active part, mechanism and auxiliaries, and provide advanced analysis such as electrical wear calculation, arcing time, travel curve analysis, SF6Gas monitoring of density and leakage detection.