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Communication and Automation

Whether they come directly from sensors or from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) with pre-processing capabilities, condition data and events must be routed effectively to the decision points. This information can then be used either for local automation at substation level, or for overall fleet management at Enterprise level.

Alstom Grid provides all automation components and communication standards to implement this data routing effectively and securely. In advanced smart digital substations, automation architectures like Alstom DS Agile, allow the direct connection of different types of devices and signals to acquisition and automation servers.

In legacy substations, flexible solutions such as the Dap Server are available to complement existing substation architectures with acquisition of on-line condition data towards Enterprise level, while preserving existing automation schemes and meeting your cyber security requirements.

Support of communication protocols includes DNP3/IP, IEC 61850, IEC 104, MODBUS/IP, and more.

Alstom Grid can also engineer and integrate your WAN communication networks, thanks to a long experience of mission critical communication networks design for Utilities.