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Analytics and decision support

e-terraassetcare is Alstom Grid’s advanced software platform for Asset Health
Management. This central repository provides:

  • consolidation of all sources of asset related data, including real-time data and manual data
  • implementation of powerful and customised analytics such as Asset Health Indices AHI and end-of-life calculations, criticality and risk assessment
  • data  monitoring and action tracking
  • digital document management
  • reporting mechanisms

e-terraassetcare integrates Alstom Grid’s expertise in electrical equipment. As an example, the Asset Health Model for power transformers is an Alstom offering for a standard set of condition parameters to represent the overall health of such assets, and can be made available to Alstom Customers.

The analytics and key indices prepared by e-terraassetcare can be used by Maintenance departments to establish priorities for actions, and take decisions for condition-based and reliability centered maintenance. The system is also designed for managers and financial departments to build longer term, strategic plans.

e-terraassetcare uses latest and greatest software technologies such as HTML5 and geo-referenced displays, and is scalable and fully adaptable to the various asset types requested by the customers thanks to its powerful calculation engine. With its web-based User Interface, access to the asset information can be granted to all stakeholders throughout the company for effective decision tracking.