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Product Catalogue: Instrument transformers

72 kV Instrument Transformers

Alstom Grid has manufactured tens of thousands HV instrument transformers since 1919. Our customers recognize our top-of-the-line products for their long term robustness, safety and reliability.

CCV/CC Capacitor Voltage Transformer (up to 1200 kV)

Capacitor Voltage Transformer CCV enables the accurate measurement of high voltages and the transmission of carrier currents from 30 to 500 kHz.

CTH Current Transformer up to 800 kV

Current Transformer The CTH are paper-oil insulated current transformers. They are a vital link in the power delivery chain linking transmission and distribution networks.

Compact Optical Sensor Intelligence

Alstom Grid Instrument Transformers product line has developed a brand new range of digital instrument transformer solutions enabling full IEC 61850 implementation and contributing to transmission architectures for today’s and tomorrow’s electricity smart grid networks.

KOTEF Combined Current and Voltage Transformer (up to 420 kV)

The KOTEF is designed to provide both current and voltage measurements from a single device. It utilizes the same components as the individual CTs and VTs. Both transformers are combined in a single insulator and are available in porcelain or composite.

Line traps air core, dry type up to 800 kV

Line traps are used in transmission and distribution networks around the world.Line traps are a key component in PLC (Power Line Carrier) systems used for remote control signals, voice communication, remote metering and control between substations in the electrical T&D network.

OSKF Current Transformer up to 800 kV

OSKF current transformers have been designed for a 30 year lifetime and, thanks to the soundness of our technical concepts

OTCF Capacitor Voltage Transformer (up to 800 kV)

OTCF is a capacitor voltage transformer designed for revenue metering and protection in HV networks and for PLC application.

SF6 Instrument transformers for GIS

HVIT SF6 Instrument transformers for GIS

SKF Gas-Insulated Current transformer up to 550 kV

Over 20 years of SF6 experience, in addition to optimized, dust-free production techniques, make the SKF an excellent current transformer choice for needs up to 550 kV.