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Water initiatives

Reducing water consumption is an important improvement area in Grid Solutions sites, including factories, construction sites and offices. Here are some examples of Grid Solutions’ water initiatives:

  • Rain water collection and storage (Wuhan, CN; Canoas, BR; Padappai, IN)
  • Advanced monitoring of water leaks (Wuhan and Shanghai, CN;)
  • Implementation of waterless amenities (Stafford, UK; Mexico, MX)
  • Campaign on eco-responsible water consumption gestures (Madrid, SP; Sao Paulo, BR)

Water-stressed areas

  • Special focus has been placed on water-stressed areas. Our objective is to reduce water consumption in water-stressed areas by 3% annually. Grid Solutions uses the WBCSD Water Tool to identify sites that may have risk or opportunity.

    Water stressed areas



    Water stress legend





    Source : World Resources Institute

Initiative in Wuhan

  • Example of Wuhan site

    Wuhan is the world's first "green" transformer plant and has been presented with several awards for its contribution to the environment:

    • Investment Association of China's 2011 National Investment Projects Excellence Award (2011)
    • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certificate from the US Green Building Council (2009)

    Among other initiatives, the site has installed a rain water collection and storage system. The collected water is used for landscape watering and cleaning (such as roads, cars, etc.). In addition, waterless amenities are largely deployed, such as saving fresh water for second use (e.g. toilet flushing). All these efforts contributed to saving 5,100 m3 of water per year.

    Wuhan site China