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Waste initiatives

Waste managementWaste management is one of the most crucial issues of industrial enterprises like Grid Solutions, and waste recovery is a specific area of Grid Solution’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. In support of this, we have drawn a roadmap encouraging each site to follow the waste management pyramid. This pyramid of priority setting is built around preventing and reducing waste production, recycling and reuse, and recovery.

Grid Solutions has launched numerous site initiatives such as: 

  • Waste diagnostics (Aix-les-Bains, FR; Naini, IN; Stafford, UK)
  • Volume reduction through a compactor (Montreal, CA; Charleroi, BE)
  • Waste reduction by reducing scrap (Kassel, GER), reducing wood packaging (Padappai, IN), printing on-demand (Singapore, SG)
  • Waste sorting improvements (Mexico, MX; Madrid, SP...)
  • Recycling (La prairie, FR; Villeurbanne, FR; Canoas, BR; Sao Paulo, BR ...)

Example of waste diagnosis in Aix-les-Bains site
Waste initiative Aix-les-Bains

In 2011, Grid Solutions’ Aix-les-Bains site performed a thorough non-hazardous waste diagnosis. The objective was to fully analyze on-site factual information (waste production, waste sorting, waste storage, regulation compliance, cost, etc.), and to propose technological and organizational solutions.

A report and recommendations were issued following the analysis. As a result, the non-hazardous waste recovery rate is up to 100%. The main opportunities for optimization rely on logistical and sorting actions.

Here are some proposed actions:

  • An intermediary plastic sorting system
  • Paperboard compactor
  • Wood waste collected by trailer
  • Reuse of pallets