GE-ALSTOM TRANSACTION Effective 2nd November 2015, GE acquired Alstom’s energy businesses. The Alstom content available on this site is for information purposes only.
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Energy initiatives

Site energy consumption is both an environmental and economic issue for Grid Solutions, and as such, we have launched a program of actions to identify, quantify and reduce energy consumption. Our objective is to reduce energy intensity of Grid Solutions activity by 3% annually.

To support this objective, we’ve launched numerous site initiatives:

  • Reducing energy consumption within buildings and equipment (heating upgrade in Mönchengladbach, GER; building revamping in Stafford, UK)
  • Sourcing green energy (Kassel, GER; San Pellegrino, IT)
  • Launching employee awareness campaign for responsible gestures (San Pellegrino, IT; Philadelphia, US) for soft transport (Massy, FR)

Energy Treasure Hunt in Villeurbanne

An Energy Treasure Hunt (ETH) raises awareness of energy challenges at every level of the company. It is an approach based on Lean and Kaizen principles to deliver reduced energy consumption and improved energy efficiency. Moreover, ETH gives a general concept (energy saving) an exact reading (savings in both kWh and equipment).

In 2010, the Villeurbanne site conducted the first full energy consumption assessment (total consumption, consumption breakdown, etc.). Employees from all areas of the business were fully involved in the operation, participating in different phases of the assessment. Two energy consumption assessment sessions were held during weekends to better understand consumption levels on non-production days.

Following the full evaluation several actions were implemented throughout the site, including an optimization of equipment and piloting system as well as communication campaigns. The potential of energy savings is up to 58,4 kW for a weekend, equivalent to 150 MWh per year.