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Offshore Wind Solutions

Harvesting the energy potential of wind in severe and unstable ocean conditions comes with great challenges. As the offshore wind farms are located far from the shore, a reliable grid connection is even more important. At Grid Solutions, we are responding to these challenges the innovative HVDC MaxSineTM, a Voltage Source Converter (VSC) solution that enables efficient DC transmission of offshore wind power to the onshore grid.

Furthermore, we found a way to reduce the installation risk linked to offshore connections by developing floating and self-installing offshore substations to connect the wind farms to the network.

Grid Solutions offers wind farm solutions that comply with international and customer-specific standards. We differentiate ourselves through our expert knowledge in feasibility studies, power connection design and power quality solutions such as STATCOM and SVC. 

Our range of solutions encompasses HV products as well as offshore platform solutions for HVDC and HVAC. For onshore wind farms, Grid Solutions delivers turnkey substations for switching, controlling and managing transmission systems. Grid Solutions designed and constructed the first offshore substations in the UK as well as the German North and Baltic Seas.

The Atlantic Wind Connection

The Atlantic Wind Connection is an offshore, undersea transmission line that will span the mid-Atlantic region. The transmission line will connect wind farms that are built in the federally-designated “Wind Energy Areas,” at least ten miles off the coast. When complete, this multi-phased project will support the development of up to 6,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy, which is enough to power over 2 million homes. The Atlantic Wind Connection will also facilitate a new offshore wind industry that can create tens of thousands of new jobs in America.

Using the most advanced transmission technology available today, the Atlantic Wind Connection will be able to move offshore wind electricity from where it is generated to where it is needed and where it is most valuable.

An additional example of Grid Solutions’ support for offshore wind is seen in GE’s involvement in the Galloper offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Suffolk, UK that will connect up to 336 MW of clean energy.