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Clean Services

To help customers face growing environmental challenges and concerns, Grid Solutions provides a variety of services to increase their efficiency, reliability and environmentalism. Grid Solutions helps customers to reduce power consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and material consumption, and to use ecological and sustainable solutions especially in the recycling process. By supporting customers in SF6 management and offering different end-of-life options, Grid Solutions is the ideal partner to better manage equipment through its lifecycle.


Green Services

  • Grid Solutions provides a number of green services, including SF6 management (handling training and certification, leak detection and repair), optimizing transformer eco-performance (vegetable oil, monitoring, oil analysis), and end-of-life management (decommissioning, refurbishing).

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    Many regulators now request that grid operators manage the end-of-life of their equipment with the lowest environmental impact. Grid Solutions supports customers by providing end-of-life management services:

    • Equipment decommissioning, refurbishing and recycling, with a focus on reducing industrial waste, reusing a maximum number of parts, reducing SF6 emissions and complying with environmental and safety conditions
    • SF6 recycling, including the recovery of contaminated SF6 (mix of SF6 with other gases) contained within products to prevent any release of SF6 into the atmosphere and to recycle or reuse SF6


  • Grid Solutions is committed to transferring knowledge and technical expertise to its customers. The Technical Institute Aix-les-Bains(TIA) has been accredited by the French government to evaluate and certify workers from across the industry involved in recovering SF6sub gas from high and medium voltage switchgear. TIA offers two different training programs relating to the use of SF6 gases and adapted to applicant experience.

    The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has edited a new standard, ref. IEC 62271-4, regarding SF6 gas handling on all electric power equipment. The Technical Institute Aix-les-Bains offers to train and certify your team on this new standard.

    The training center supplements the practical examination with hands-on training, on real equipment, including gas-insulated switchgear and air-insulated switchgear technology.

    In addition, the Technical Institute Aix-les-Bains can address other international regulations and standards related to SF6 handling, for internal and external operators from worldwide electrical industries.


SF6 Leak Management

  • According to CIGRE A3.06*, 40% of GIS minor failures are due to small SF6 leaks. GE provides a GIS sealing solution to solve SF6 leaks on insulator flanges and to make the GIS greener. Benefits of GE’s solution include:

    • Turnkey service
    • Proven efficient solution
    • No long outage required
    • No need to recover SF6
    • Adaptable to any GIS brand
    • Reusable solution

    SF6 Leak Intelligent Management

    GE offers the following corrective solution, to be performed as soon as an SF6 leak is discovered on GIS flanges:

    • Apply a self sealing ring on insulator flanges ensuring tightness recovery
    • Replace bolts, nuts and washers by specific threads with own sealing
    • Ensure induced current return path by adding electrical shunts between enclosure flanges

    A Proven Technical Solution

    GE’s technical solution has been validated in GE’s Research Centers and on site.

    Test in GE Research Center in France

    • Test results in accordance with IEC 62271-1
    • Climatic test successful from -25°C / +70°C

    Test on GIS with SF6 leak on flanges:

    • Existing leak of 3.8 kg/year
    • SF6 rated pressure of 4.5 bar abs
    • Sealed as new GIS flanges after intervention