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Eco-design is the integration of environmental criteria into the process of designing or re-designing a product, and it is one of the pillars of Grid Solution’s Clean Grid program. Eco-design seeks to minimize the environmental impact of a given product at every stage of its lifecycle and improve its environmental performance, all while maintaining or improving its reliability and cost efficiency.


At Grid Solutions, our considerations about the potential environmental impact of a product start at the sourcing, extraction and processing of raw materials that will be used in its manufacturing. We then consider its delivery and use; and finally, its recycling or disposal. Grid Solutions’ eco-design process is built upon the IEC 62430 standard, which specifies the norms and procedures used to integrate environmental factors into product conception, development and materials.


Grid Solutions’ eco-design team is composed of experts from all product lines and representatives from all functions. In addition, we provide eco-design training for all of our product designers. For more than 10 years, Grid Solutions has considered eco-design as a foundational element of its product development policy.

Product Example: B105

  • B105

    Product Example: B105 Gas-Insulated Substation

    The B105-252 kV is a substation designed to interrupt the full 50 kA short circuit current up to 252 kV.

    Environmental advantages compared to the previous generation:

    • Aluminum mass of the enclosure reduced by 36%
    • Wood quantity for packaging reduced by 65%
    • Quantity of SF6 reduced by 13%
    • 26% reduction of Joule losses during the use phase
    • 95% recyclability rate (93% for the former generation)

Product Example: GL312



    Product Example: GL312 Live Tank Circuit Breaker

    Designed in Kassel, GER, the 145kV GL312 air-insulated circuit breaker 145kV GL312 is made of a current  interrupting chamber using SF6 gas for the purpose of insulation and arc interruption.

    Environmental advantages compared to the previous design (S1-145/4031 product):

    • Total product weight and amount of materials has been reduced by 23%, resulting in lower power consumption (less CO2-equivalent emissions) and less pollution in transportation .
    • Excellent tightness, avoiding losses of SF6
    • Recyclability rate is up to 44%