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Distributed Energy Resource Management

Harnessing the Potential of Distributed Energy Resources

Effective management of distributed energy resources (DER) requires modeling and awareness of their physical characteristics and locations in a broad range of applications spanning the planning and operational domains. DERM software provides operators with the requisite tools to mesh consumption information from smart meters with load forecasts and status updates from the grid.

The ability to visualize DERs in both a geographic and temporal sense is key to reliable distribution operations at increased DER penetration levels. Knowledge of the current and near-term forecasted states of the DER and the ability to disaggregate DG and storage from load are essential in order to understand potential threats and opportunities. The ability to coordinate utility and non-utility DER is also required in order to effectively mitigate threats and seize opportunities.

GE’s DERM solution, delivered within the Grid IQ™ Insight framework, provides the operator with the requisite situational intelligence to recognize developing situations and act quickly and decisively. It delivers real-time visibility, integration and management of utility-owned and third-party distributed energy resources. The solution focuses on situational awareness and reliability, offering visualization and forecast management as well as day ahead and intra-day flexibility optimization for reliable, economic distribution operations.

Grid Challenge

Grid Challenge:

Visibility to and effective utilization of utility-owned and third-party distributed energy resources
Solution Insight

Solution Insight:

Advanced situational intelligence provides day-ahead visibility to potential threats and opportunities
Utility Outcome

Utility Outcome:

Reliable, economic distribution operations through orchestration of utility and non-utility DER