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Advanced Distribution Management

GE’s modular Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) deliver reliability, productivity and efficiency all via one platform, one network model and a simplified operational workflow, using real-time network information that spans EHV to LV.

GE’s ADMS encompasses advanced monitoring and control of the distribution network, fault and outage management and network performance optimization on a single system. The simulator allows operators to be trained in both routine and emergency procedures in an environment that accurately represents the behavior and response of the real system.

The ADMS approach is quickly scalable and device and operating system agnostic, allowing data to be accessible anytime and anywhere, resulting in a connected utility, from crew to operator to consumer.

Grid Challenge: Managing grid reliability with grid modernization, growing DG/DER penetration, CAPEX/OPEX challenges, as well as an aging workforce. Solution Insight: Advanced grid situational intelligence for faster outage restoration and deferral of grid investments. Utility Outcome: Integrated and modular ADMS solutions lower total cost of ownership and reduce SAIDI by up to 33% and peak load by up to 3%.

GE’s ADMS solutions deliver increased reliability, productivity and efficiency through a single ADMS platform, providing utilities with:

Optimized for Grid Modernization