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kV2c Family Commerical & Industrial ANSI meters

Digital Energy kV2c Family Commerical & Industrial ANSI meters

GE’s kV2c meter family is designed for revenue class metering in commercial and industrial applications. The kV2c meter moves beyond revenue metering to real time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and real cost of service measurements. Whether you are metering the simplest energy rate or collecting critical quality of service and load analysis information on a polyphase or a single phase circuit, there is a kV2c meter configuration to meet your needs.

The GE kV meter family, including our most advanced kV2c family of meters, is a widely accepted ANSI Commercial & Industrial meter with over 3.5 million units deployed in the field since its introduction. The robust revenue-grade meter design is based on GE’s cutting edge technology that provides the highest accuracy and reliability in the market. The GE kV2c product family includes 2 models to provide the ultimate in flexibility and customer choice, including the first to offer a polyphase product for 600V 3-phase, 3-wire service.

kV2c kV2c
This is GE’s flagship meter product offering all of the required revenue grade metering functionality and advanced power quality monitoring for polyphase metering.
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Ideal for extremely harsh environments, this model builds on our kV2c design and includes a more robust power supply and suitability for 600V applications

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Features and Benefits
  • Functional Upgradability - Soft switches provide the following advanced meter measurement and monitoring features: time of use, reactive measurements, power factor, Q-hour, apparent power, among others.
  • Automatic On-Site Monitoring - Each meter is equipped with a Site Genie™ automated service diagnostics that identifies wiring changes before any billing problems occur.
  • Power Quality Monitoring - A power guard component identifies load power quality problems before they become complaints.
  • Standardization - The meters use the utility-driven communication standards ANSI C12.18 and C12.19 that standardize the readings and programming.
  • Rational Power Measurement - The meters measure the IEEE defined 3D vector quantities.
  • Reduced Inventory - They posses consolidated forms with wide voltage range (120V to 480V) that reduce inventory.
  • Additional Measurement Options - The meters can automatically select 2D phasor power or 3D vector apparent power. Moreover, they can measure fundamental only or fundamental plus harmonics.
  • Revenue Guard Option - A revenue guard option improves metering reliability at critical multi-phase installations. This prevents shut down when a single phase voltage is lost. This way you get more billed energy. This option is available only in the kV2c+ models.
  • Huge Load Profile (H Soft Switch) - The recording feature H Soft Switch (20 channel with 384 kb memory) in the kV2c+ model enables additional days of storage than the expanded recording option (X Soft Switch) in the kV2c meter. The kV2c+ meter records all the quantities that it measures including voltage, current, energy, apparent power, reactive power, distortion power, power factor, THD, TDD and DPF.