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kV2c metering for the most demanding applications
Digital Energy kV2c metering for the most demanding applications

GE’s most advanced electricity metering product, the kV2c, delivers world class capability around revenue metering and protection, power quality, and cost of service measurements. Designed around a GE proprietary data acquisition chip, this product delivers advanced sampling and data analytics capability.

The kV2c meter family is a versatile metering platform for commercial and industrial applications. The kV2c meter offers easy and powerful functional upgrades with a unique combination of soft switches and option boards to meet your metering needs in a rapidly evolving smart metering space. The kV2c starts as a bi-directional, coincident demand meter with five demand measures, real-time pricing, and real time data monitoring. Soft switches, or firmware upgrades, are available to add such functions as TOU, transformer and line loss compensation, power factor, 4 quadrant measurements, instrument transformer correction, and increased recording channels.

Inventory Management
The kV2c wide range voltage power supply (120V to 480V) combined with the Fitzall™ feature enables a significant meter inventory reduction while covering many applications. Fitzall™ is a GE exclusive tool for commercial and industrial electronic meter inventory reduction, which allows two meter forms, 9S for transformer rated and 16S for self-contained to meter any service type.

Power Quality
The kV2c meter offers advanced power quality tools to measure compliance to power quality agreements or gather data to help set power quality requirements. These tools include:

  • Programmable sag and swell monitor that logs voltage sag and swell duration down to one cycle, minimum or maximum voltage, coincident current, and date and time of occurrence.
  • Voltage and Current THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) per phase, TDD (Total Demand Distortion), Distortion Power Factor, Displacement Power Factor, Distortion kVA, and Distortion kVAh (all recordable).
  • Harmonic analysis (MeterMate 5.00 and above) plots odd and even harmonic magnitudes and phase angles).
  • Programmable diagnostics for voltage imbalance, distortion, current imbalance, reversed polarity, high neutral current. These events may be logged, set an alert, and initiate a call-in.

Installation Verification and Tamper Detection Tools
The Site Genie™ Monitor provides a simple, automatic way to catch errors, tampering and wiring changes before billing problems occur. Site Genie™ also provides the phasor information and diagnostics needed to fix the problems it finds.

Cost of Service Measurements
Knowing what it costs to serve a site is a key piece of competitive information for both Generation and Distribution utilities. With modern loads, measuring energy and power factor isn’t enough. The kV2c family of meters will simultaneously measure all of the components of service cost (real & reactive – with and without harmonics, distortion, and vector apparent power).

The kV2c meter family offers a large range of possible AMI communication technologies including RF Mesh, Cellular, Power Line Carrier, RS-232, RS-485, and Analog Phone Modem to support all of your Smart Grid applications. Additionally, the kV2c family provides “KYZ” and other I/O options to support local energy management solutions typically found in commercial and industrial facilities. The kV2c has a standard AMI interface that allows the capability to transmit all metering data available at the meter through the AMI communication network.