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MIW Directional Power/Loss of Field
MIW Directional Power/Loss of Field

The MIW, part of the M Family, is a digital relay that provides directional power and loss of field protection for generators of any size.

The MIW provides metering values for Ia, voltage values, P, Q, S, V1, V2 and angle. A 24 event record and oscillography data help with troubleshooting and performance analysis.

Features and Benefits
  • Advanced 16-bit microprocessor
  • Loss of field unit to detect loss of excitation
  • Configurable logic, curves, digital I/Os and LEDs
  • Flash memory for field upgrades
  • Two settings groups
  • Drawout case for serviceability

  • Controlling power flow in alternating current generator applications of any size
  • compatible

Protection and Control
  • Reverse power (32RP)
  • Forward overpower
  • Low forward power (32LF)
  • Loss of field/excitation (40)
  • Fuse failure (60)

Monitoring and Metering
  • Power metering

User Interface
  • M+ Setup software for setting and monitoring
  • RS232 port, faceplate accessible (19.2 kbps, ModBus ® RTU)
  • RS485 rear port (19.2 kbps, ModBus ® RTU)