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MIG Machine Protection Relay

MIG Machine Protection Relay

The MIG, a member of the M family of protection relays, is a
microprocessor based relay that provides protection for
electrical machines. Its main use is for protecting generator
equipment, and it can also be used for motors. Both functions
can be accommodated at the same time due to the two separate
setting tables (i.e. first table for motor and second table for
generator). This is specifically used on applications of
stand-by/critical power where a motor drives the energization
of the generator.

  • Small generators and motors
  • Component for bigger generator packages
  • Standby/critical power protection main unit

Protection and Control
  • Thermal image protection
  • Unbalance or current reversal
  • Phase, ground TOC
  • Phase, ground IOC
  • 4 preconfigured overcurrent curves (ANSI, IEC)
  • Undercurrent
  • Maximum number of starts

Monitoring and Metering
  • 24 event record
  • Analog/digital oscillography
  • Per phase current metering

User Interface
  • M+ Setup software for setting, monitoring
  • RS232 port, faceplate accessible (19.2 kbps, ModBus ® RTU)
  • RS485 rear port (19.2 kbps, ModBus ® RTU)
  • LED dot matrix display and keypad