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We provide products and solutions to the oil and gas industry worldwide for protection, monitoring and controlling vital production and delivery processes
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Refineries are heavy power users in expansive facilities with expensive electrical assets running continuous processes involving large furnaces, distillation towers, processing tanks, and pumps. GE provides the industrially hardened solutions to power, monitor, and control refining processes, protect critical assets, and visualize energy usage.

GE optimizes oil and gas extraction at wellheads by increasing connectivity through industrial strength wireless communications, and providing solutions to enable automated monitoring, protection and control of these remote processes and assets.

Monitoring pipe integrity and controlling flow along the line is a challenge with pipelines. Our industrial wireless solutions enable remote status monitoring and control of field instruments, such as flow, pressure and temperature gauges, and block valves, allowing customers to increase revenue and transport efficiency.

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From the large horsepower MV motors used to process and move material, to the smaller LV motors used in secondary process applications in mid to final stages, GE's Multilin motor protection offers advanced motor protection, powerful automation control logic, essential motor health diagnostics, and multiple embedded communications
GE's MDS line of industrial strength wireless solutions create the communications infrastructure necessary to monitor and control vital production and delivery processes. GE's MDS wireless data acquisition, LAN extension, and backhaul devices allow users to remotely connect to wellheads, pipelines, tanks, and other dispersed assets.
GE's Smallworld gas and pipeline geospatial solutions, (Global Transmission Office and Gas Distribution Office) provide the standard, central, industry specific applications needed for engineering, operations, and asset management to lower total cost of ownership and increase operational efficiency.
GE's PMCS is a fully customizable, user friendly, integrated energy management system that provides reliable, centralized monitoring and control for energy management throughout all stages of the oil and gas production process.