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Digital Energy provides data centers with solutions for immediate UPS backup power, power switching control, and generator synchronization management, to ensure clean, uninterrupted power to operate their computing and data storage equipment. Data centers rely on innovative GE technology such as eBoost to achieve up to 99% UPS efficiency, advanced power quality meters to monitor the system, and energy management systems to visualize a facility's entire power system.

Hospitals, clinics and trauma centers all share a common need - continuous, reliable power for operating rooms, critical care equipment and other patient care services. When downtime is not an option, GE's uninterruptible power solutions feature uninterruptible power supplies, backup generator control, and seamless power switching. Patented UPS technology like PurePulse ensure that clean, reliable power is supplied, while Redundant Parallel Architecture technology eliminates single points of failure to ensure high reliability.

While airports, government facilities, universities and other critical commercial campuses have different operational goals and provide different services, they each require secure, reliable power with emergency backup systems. Digital Energy solutions cover the full network to improve reliability and longevity of the power system, from the primary power equipment, metering, and back-up power solutions, to electrical asset protection, Ethernet communication networks, and centralized energy management systems.

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GE offers solutions for reliable facility power - from ensuring a constant supply of clean power with highly efficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and protecting sensitive electronic equipment with surge protective devices (SPD), to the management of backup generator startup and synchronization with paralleling switchgear (PSG) and managing the seamless transfer of critical loads to emergency power using automatic transfer switches (ATS).
PMCS provides real time system monitoring and control of key facility operations equipment such as UPS, power distribution units, meters, security devices, as well as building management devices such as pumps, air conditioners, and fire suppression. By monitoring these systems, operators are alerted of critical conditions and are able to better anticipate operational issues to ensure increased facility uptime.
The Multilin line of industrial and commercial meters provide accurate energy metering and advanced power quality monitoring throughout a facility. By remotely capturing disturbances on the electrical network such as harmonic distortion and sub-cycle transients, Multilin meters allow facility managers to quickly identify compromised power sources, track the resulting negative effects on equipment and support preventative action before costly failures occur.
Accurate Multilin meters provide a total picture of power usage and power quality at different points within a power distribution network, allowing users to make power related decisions quickly and effectively.