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Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers for IEC Market

Instrument transformers perform a critical role in the management of power delivery systems by providing the voltage and current inputs to measure, protect and control power equipment. Therefore, accurate and reliable performance with a long-service life is vital so that revenue measurements can be made accurately and equipment can be reliably protected against surge or other system events.

GE’s medium voltage (MV) instrument transformers for the IEC market are engineered to provide reliable performance with a maintenance-free design that complies to global design standards. Customers can realize a number of key benefits from GE’s instrument transformers including high reliability, fast response times, and the ability to customize solutions to meet any need.

Key Benefits

Extensive Global Experience and Customer Service
Regionalized sales and support teams available to directly assist customers in the product selection process.


Fast Lead Times and Delivery
Extensive vertical integration allows for standard lead times of 4-6 weeks, up to 33% better than industry average.

Robust and Reliable Design requiring Minimal Maintenance
Corrosion resistant design with maximum mechanical strength and light weight and small footprints allow for flexible mounting and ease-of-integration.


Compliance to Global Design Standards
All transformers are subjected to full routine tests as required by relevant global standards including IEC, BS, and AS. Custom designs and type testing are available upon request.


GE provides a broad range of IEC instrument transformers to support numerous applications and consists of cast epoxy resin current & voltage transformers, rated up to 36kV. Both indoor and outdoor designs are available with specifications suitable for operating revenue meters, instruments, relays and control devices.

Common applications include:

  • Substation metering and relaying
  • Primary and secondary distribution switchgear
  • Control power for reclosers, capacitor banks, and other equipment
  • Power generation equipment

Indoor Current Transformers
* Other designs available upon request
Indoor Voltage Transformers
* Other designs available upon request
Outdoor Current Transformers
* Other designs available upon request
Outdoor Voltage Transformers
* Other designs available upon request