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Special Transmission Transformers

Prolec GE taps into state-of-the-art technology and deep domain expertise in insulation structures, thermal requirements and magnetic field distribution applications, to provide power transformers with exceptional performance, quality and reliability.

Phase-shifting Transformers

As High Voltage network systems are connected with each other at several points, the necessity of controlling the flow of energy increases. Classical voltage regulation without phase shifting is no longer sufficient for these situations.

GE’s phase-shifting transformers, rated up to 2750 MVA, are available as single core units with independent phase angle and voltage regulation, and as dual core for higher power and voltages. Quadrature boosters provide an economical solution when limited phase-shifting angles are required with voltage variations.

Transformers for SVC

GE’s Static Var Compensator systems can help grid operators to gain accurate control of reactive network power, maximize power transfer capability, improve steady-state and dynamic stability within the grid.

GE’s SVC Power Transformers are custom designed and built  to handle harmonic loading and a wide voltage variation.  These can be configured as three phase units or a bank of single phase units.  The function of the Power Transformers is to connect the medium voltage equipment to the high voltage transmission grid.