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Substation Transformers

GE Prolec’s distribution transformers are designed for the diverse mining, oil and gas and distribution markets of North America and international applications. These products are manufactured with the highest quality control and standards compliance to provide a highly reliable product to our customers, and are available in ranges from 225 kVA to 12000 kVA, to 69 kV, 200 kV BIL.

Distribution Substation Transformers

With our primary substation transformers, we help to deliver electrical energy in a timely and efficient way. Prolec GE transformers are well suited to your real-world needs because we rely on extensive customer input and feedback to determine the ideal product performance/features, service levels, efficiency, support procedures, testing and quality parameters.

We offer a complete line of liquid-filled power transformers with:

  • 1000 MVA 3 or 500 MVA 1
  • 550 kV (1675 kV BIL)
  • 50 or 60 Hz
  • LTC in HV or LV, or DETC in HV
  • Low noise level NEMA – 20 dBA

Mining Transformers

Prolec GE has lengthy experience with applications for the mining industry, designing its products according to the requirements for heavy duty conditions. Applications include:

  • Crushing processes
  • Grinding processes
  • Flotation processes
  • Refining / pelletization

Oil & Gas

Prolec GE delivers advanced performance under the most demanding operating conditions for offshore operations, exploration and production, as well as onshore operations, refining, petrochemical and storage.

Substation & Auxiliary Transformers

Prolec GE manufactures substation and auxiliary transformers that lower transmission voltages for their use in the distribution grids. Our state-of-the-art facility gives us the capability to manufacture and test with the latest advances a whole range of substation transformers.