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GE Oil-immersed Reactors

GE’s reactors are built with optimized flux distribution, resulting in safer designs. With more than 2,800 reactors installed globally in the past 60 years, GE has gained extensive field experience and deep domain expertise to help utilities drive grid stability.

Shunt Reactors

Shunt reactors compensate the capacitive load of energy transmission lines and are ideal for:

  • maintaining an acceptable voltage whatever the load
  • limiting transient over voltages induced by switching or sudden load decrease
  • decreasing line losses by capacitive current reduction

GE’s experience with air-gap cores magnetic circuits provides our reactors with low vibration and noise levels. Our latest shunt reactor design tools optimize the magnetic field distribution that provides safe behavior. Our shunt reactor references include single-phase units up to 800 kV - 110 MVAr and 400 kV - 125 MVAr, as well as 275 kV - 250 MVAr three-phase units.

Series Reactors - used in line series connections as current liniting devices to reduce fault currents to the required levels through out ratings of over 2000 MVAr.

Earthing Reactors - Connect the neutral point of power transformers to ground through impedance, provide a solution for limiting both short-circuit currents and the increase of voltage in the healthy phases when a line fault occurs.

Smoothing Reactors - used to reduce the flow of harmonic currents and transient overcurrents in the HVDC systems.

With insulation principles based on the same special design as a transformer, GE’s oil-filled smoothing reactors offer a low level of electromagnetic radiation outside the tank. Smoothing reactors benefit from the same measures as the HVDC converter transformers to ensure that they will withstand short-circuit stresses. The clamping structure of the active part is reinforced in order to conform to these requirements.

Variable Shunt Reactors – provide an adjustable MVAr output to cope with the evolving electrical needs. Equipped with tapped windings and on-load tapchangers (OLTC).

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