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Distribution Pole-Mounted Transformers

Prolec GE designs and manufactures a complete line of single-phase pole-type distribution transformers for installation on utility overhead systems. These highly reliable transformers are available in a wide variety of ratings and accessory combinations.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology in our design and manufacturing systems, supported by our ISO-9001 certified processes and quality assurance programs, to provide you with reliable and cost-effective transformer products matched to your system requirements.

Standard features:

  • Meets or exceeds RUS, NEMA and ANSI standards C57.12.00, ANSI C57.12.20 as applicable
  • Mild steel tank with welded lifting lugs and hanger brackets for direct-to-pole mounting
  • Single piece clamped cover band meets cover retention requirements of applicable ANSI standards
  • Electrostatically applied polyester powder paint system for superior corrosion protection
  • High-voltage porcelain cover-mounted bushings (wall mounted for units with high voltage 4160 or below)
  • Tank wall mounted porcelain or polymer low-voltage bushings
  • Tin-plated bronze terminals for connection to copper or aluminum
  • Low-voltage ground provisions
  • Tank ground provision
  • Insulated cover for wildlife protection
  • Laser engraved aluminum nameplate
  • Non-PCB insulating oil
  • KVA rating on tank wall
  • Arrester mounting nuts welded to tank (single bushing designs)
  • One HV bushing with tank ground strap for grounded wye applications or two HV bushings for wye applications
  • Recessed tank bottom