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Iron-core Reactors

HV iron-core reactors are connected in series with the capacitor units to form a series resonant circuit with very low impedance. GE’s line of iron-core reactors are ideal for a variety of applications including capacitor banks formed by several steps, several capacitor banks connected in the same busbar, and capacitor bank installations with risk of resonance or with presence of harmonics.

Key Benefits:

  • Reactive power compensation (power factor correction) in networks with harmonics
  • Reduction of inrush currents that flow from step to step of the capacitor banks when switched
  • Avoiding the risk of resonance as the LC circuit is having a resonance frequency below the first existing harmonic
  • Decrease the level of harmonic distortion, as the circuit is also having a certain tuning frequency at which the branch will offer low impedance path for harmonic currents