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Hermetik Low Maintenance Transformers

The insulation system of conventional transformers is subject to load/temperature-dependent aging. This is further aggravated by oxygen and moisture absorbed from the atmosphere. As power transformers are required to be more and more efficient and loaded to maximum capacity more often – and for longer periods of time – hermetically-sealed transformers have become the optimal solution.

Hermetically sealed power transformers without oil conservator are GE’s field-proven answer to today’s needs. Thanks to the innovative design of the radiators, the oil expansion vessel is not needed and thus the oil is prevented from coming into contact with ambient humidity. Service life is also increased with the use of a vacuum-switch on-load tap-changer (OLTC) that eliminates contact erosion. With minimal oil and OLTC aging rate, the Hermetik does not require any particular maintenance or works over its service life, speeding up the return on your investment.

Key benefits:

  • Substantially longer service life
  • Higher load ratings
  • Reduced maintenance due to:
    • Lower oil aging
    • No dehydrating breather
    • No hydro-compensator
  • OLTC with vacuum switch eliminating contact erosion