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GE Green Transformers

GE has developed a wide offering of green solutions for power transformers ranging from 10 to 500 MVA and ratings up to 550 kV. Our environmentally-friendly solutions are aimed at meeting the major energy challenges of today and tomorrow: energy efficiency, market efficiency, grid reliability and environmental concerns.

GE’s green power transformers offer significant environmental benefits, including better product performance, across the phases of the product life cycle:

  • Reduced consumption of natural resources during manufacturing
  • Lower CO2 emissions, limitation of environmental risk, noise reduction, space savings and energy efficiency during operation
  • Recycling capabilities of products at the end of their life

Key benefits:

  • Optimized low loss levels
  • Prevention of pollution and increased safety by using natural ester insulation liquid
  • Innovative technologis to reduce noise level
  • Reduced maintenance cost, extended life time and increased overload with hermetically-sealed tank design, equipped with patented expandable radiators and vacuum type tap changer
  • On-line condition monitoring system
  • State-of the art factories around the world

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