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Air-core Reactors

GE has more than 50 years of experience in air-core reactors for various markets around the world. Our solutions are cost effective and dry type, making them maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

Key Benefits:

  • High mechanical strength to withstand elevated short-circuit forces
  • Low noise level for noise sensitive applications
  • Conservative temperature rise for extended service life
  • Customized space saving solutions for installations in compact areas
  • Surface treatment for protection against UV radiation and pollution
  • Minimum maintenance requirements and environmentally friendly

Our portfolio of air-core reactors includes a broad range of cost-effective solutions for both industrial and T&D networks, including:

  • Current-limiting reactors
  • Neutral-earthing reactors
  • Smoothing reactors
  • Harmonic filter reactors
  • Shunt reactors
  • Damping reactors
  • Arc-furnace series reactors
  • Power flow control reactors
  • Motor starting reactors
  • Special applications, such as test lab reactors