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XD/GE Live Tank Circuit Breakers 72.5-550 kV

The XD|GE live tank circuit breaker offerings are robust in design and are based on proven technology yielding a high quality product suitable for a broad range of applications. XD|GE breakers are compact with advanced arc extinguishing technology and self-blast interrupting capability which significantly reduce product size and improve reliability. Designed with a modular spring operated mechanism and integrated hydromechanical operating mechanism, these circuit breakers improve product reliability, reduce costs, and minimize maintenance requirements.

Key Benefits
  • Superior interrupting capability enables the circuit breakers to handle demanding switching duties such as clearing short line faults and out-of-phase operations.
  • Reliable performance of the circuit breaker and associated components is provided by the characteristics of SF6 gas. The live tank breakers are designed with a leakage rate of <0.5%/year.
  • Reduced maintenance costs are achieved through the quality design and engineering of the breaker, as well as through the reliable spring operated or hydro-mechanical operating mechanism (depending on voltage rating).