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Generator Circuit Breakers
Increased Availability, Enhanced Protection and Simplified Operations for Power Plants

GE's Generator Circuit Breakers (GCBs) are ideally suited for new and refurbished power plants from 50 MW to 1,500 MW and feature advanced technology with spring-spring-operated mechanisms. The comprehensive GCB portfolio provides solutions from generator circuit breakers without enclosure to customized solutions including disconnector, earthing switch, starting switch and instrument transformers.

Key Features: 
  • GCB ranges FKG1, FKG2 and FKGA
  • Spring-spring operated mechanism for utmost reliability
  • Optimized, preventive maintenance with monitoring system
  • Breaker natural cooling up to 30,000 A and enhanced cooling
    up to 40,000 A
  • 3,000+ GCB installations and 40+ years of expertise
GE Advantage
Key Benefits
GCB Portfolio
Pump Storage Solution
Services & Retrofit

Today's Challenging Environment

For most utilities ensuring grid reliability, efficiency, and security is a primary concern. As the grid evolves and load profiles change, stresses are being put onto transmission and distribution networks, making the work of grid management much more challenging. Globally, utilities are facing many grid challenges and market condition changes including:

  • Changes in generation mix
  • Decrease in conventional generation
  • Increase in renewable and distributed generation
  • Environmental and regulatory policy changes

Utilities must respond to these challenges and generate energy economically and safely. They face additionally following business challenges:

  • Calculable investments costs
  • Maximum power plant availability
  • Reliable power plant operation
  • Long life-time of equipment

GE's Solution

GE offers utilities a reliable and robust solution to address the commercial and operational requirements with a comprehensive range of Generator Circuit Breakers (GCB) with advanced technology and 40+ years of deep domain expertise. GE is a world leader for GCB with 3,000+ installed breakers worldwide in applications including hydro, pump-storage, gas and steam turbines, combined cycle, nuclear and geothermal power plants from 50 MW to 1,500 MW.

GE Advantage

GE's Generator Circuit Breakers are engineered and designed to provide a highly reliable and well-proven protection for power plants with advanced technology and customized applications.

Increased Availability, Simplified Power Plant Operations and Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Simplified synchronization of the generator train to the grid
  • Efficient protection and fault management for transformer and generator
  • Lower total cost of ownership with GCB vs. additional need for extra HV and MV circuit in block diagram
  • Prevent ageing of other electrical equipment due to high electrical stress during switching operations
Enhanced Safety based on Reliable Components and Proven Field Experience
  • Durable low energy spring-spring mechanism provides 5 times more reliability than hydraulic or hydro-mechanical designs*
  • Advanced interrupter design with self-blast technology significantly reduces required mechanical energy to clear fault currents
  • Integrated sequential interlocking solution ensures full safety for operators and power plants
  • To date +3.000 Generator Circuit Breakers are installed and in service worldwide since 1972
Extensive Research, Superior Manufacturing & Testing to Ensure Highest Quality Standards
  • Global manufacturing sites are certified according to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001
  • Products are manufactured using GE’s Advanced Production System (APS) ensuring the highest level of quality
  • Bundled R&D Competence Center, design and manufacturing activities located in France
  • Generator Circuit Breakers extensively tested in international, recognized laboratories such as KEMA according to IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013
Customized Solutions and In-House Expertise for Special Applications
  • Customization available for multiple applications like Retrofit or Pump Storage (PSPP) solutions in all configurations
  • Service support with product life-cycle management, spare parts management and technical training
  • Optional monitoring system CBWatch3 enables predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Product Sales Specialists provide strong product and technical support

*according to CIGRE report 510.

Key Benefits

Power plant owners must generate energy economically and safely with the highest availability of their equipment. Most operational managers recognize the need for reliable and robust generator circuit breakers. The modular diagram - which uses a generator circuit breaker compared to the block type diagram solution - has several advantages, which are summarized as following:


Increased power plant operational availability   Easier operation particularly regarding the transfer of auxiliaries   Improved safety in faults management
Increased protection especially for the power transformer   More flexibility and potential combinations   Substantial cost advantages


gcb ge advantage


The design of the generator circuit breakers is compliant with IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013 standard and other relevant international standards. The following components are commonly used in the GCB range with proven robustness and reliability.

gcb component

Circuit Breaker Monitoring Solution CBWatch3

CBWatch3 is a universal and compact device suitable for any kind of HV circuit breaker.

  • Compact and modular solution adaptable to any circuit breaker type
  • Delivers reduced and optimized operating maintenance costs
  • Enables health/condition based asset replacement strategy
  • Help reduce costly SF6 gas losses into the environment
  • Seamless integration into digital control systems and easy web server interface
  • GE as single vendor to monitor all key substation assets

GCB Portfolio

Equipment for Power Plants from 50 to 200 MW
FKG2S without enclosure Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 50 to 150 MW
More Info
FKG2S Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 50 to 150 MW
More Info
FKG2M Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 100 to 200 MW
More Info
Equipment for Power Plants from 150 to 450 MW
FKG1N without enclosure Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 150 to 300 MW
More Info
FKG1N Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 200 to 300 MW
More Info
FKG1F Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 300 to 450 MW
More Info
FKGA2 Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 200 to 450 MW
More Info
Equipment for Power Plants from 450 to 1,000 MW
FKG1X Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 450 to 600 MW
More Info
FKG1XV Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 750 to 900 MW
More Info
FKG1XP Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 600 to 750 MW
More Info
FKG1XW Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 900 to 1000 MW
More Info
Equipment for Power Plants from 700 to 1,500 MW
FKGA8 Generator circuit breaker for power plants
from 700 to 1,500 MW
More Info

Pump Storage Solution

Modular Arrangement and Switching Devices for Pump Storage Operation and Protection

GE's solution for Pumped Storage Power Plant (PSPP) offers an integrated package of protection schemes, including generator circuit breaker, phase reverse disconnector, braking, starting and back-to-back switches.

Braking Switch
Braking switch is designed to perform an electromagnetic braking of the generator by carrying out a circuit of the 3 phases, allowing to reduce the time of shutdown before being able to reverse the operation cycle.

Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB)
The use of GCB increases the overall availability of the power plant. It also insures safe, reliable, economical operation and protection of the power plant.
Starting Disconnector Switch (SDS) on generator side and Back-to-Back Switch on transformer side
Starting Disconnector and Back-to-Back switches are the mechanical isolation devices located on the generator and transformer sides of the GCB. These switches ensure busbars connection between units and allow starting in pumping mode for Pumped Storage Power Plant. SDS alone or combined SDS with back-to-back solution are available according to power plant layout.

Phase Reverse Disconnector Switch (PRDS)
Phase Reverse Disconnector Switch provides 3 phases closing in pumping or generation mode, it also makes breaking capability for active parts to ensure the safety and electrical insulation of the open device.

Single-Line-Diagram and Components
  1. Circuit Breaker
  2. Disconnector
  3. Braking Switch
  4. Starting Disconnector Switch
  5. Back-to-Back Switch
  1. Earthing Switch
  2. Surge Arrester
  3. Capacitor
  4. Voltage Transformers
  5. Current Transformers

Example: Pump Storage Solution with Phase Reverse Disconnector Switch (PRDS) with 5 Phases in line
gcb ge advantage

Service & Retrofit

Based on manufacturing expertise and time-proven field experience, GE offers cost-effective and efficient solutions to help increase the life span of your generator circuit breakers and drastically reduce the risks of failure. Benefiting from GE’s innovative technical services will keep your equipment up-to-date, safe, reliable and efficient all along its lifecycle. From onsite assessment, periodic maintenance and mid-life overhaul to complete retrofit and emergency solutions, GE provides customized solutions for your generator circuit breaker according to its type, age, operating conditions and ratings.

Maintenance & Repair

  • Preventive maintenance (every year, 5, 10 and 20 years)
  • Condition based maintenance based on operations numbers and cumulative current broken by the GCB or earthing switch
  • Trouble shooting repair
  • Long Term Service Agreement

Strategic Spare Parts Management

  • Emergency management with strategic stock including poles, complete active parts, disconnecting switches, coils, motors and protection sets
  • Spare parts kits for maintenance and repair
  • Critical spare parts rotation programs

Emergency Support

  • Guaranteed response time by a certified expert
  • 24/7 on-line technical support

Modernization and Retrofit

Solving Obsolescence of Equipment and Saving Maintenance Cost

  • Perform on-site assessment prior recommendation
  • Develop engineered solutions to minimize power plant downtime
  • Implement latest technology solution on GE and 3rd party OEM brownfield assets
  • Optimize site modification and intervention duration
  • Guarantee full turnkey solution and engineering capabilities
  • Benefit from decades of retrofit projects know how

Renovation and Overhaul

Expanding the Life of Aging Equipment

  • Customized recommendations based on high voltage expert site survey
  • Conduct the overhauling of the generator circuit breaker
  • Change specified parts based on real condition

Generator Circuit Breaker Generator Circuit Breaker