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High Voltage Transmission Solutions

For over a century, utilities worldwide have relied on GE's products and services to increase power system reliability and responsiveness. XD|GE primary equipment continues the tradition of robust technology platforms and superior reliability including equipment designed to operate at the highest operating voltages in the world. This broad range of transmission and distribution solutions meets the growing demand for electricity, while providing advanced technology for customers in the utility sector and energy intensive industries.

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with Primary Plus™

Digitizing primary equipment and enabling advanced
protection, monitoring, diagnostics and communications.

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Circuit Breakers
Capacitors, Arresters, Disconnect Switches
High Voltage Transformers

A comprehensive suite of advanced AC & DC Power and Auto-Transformers in a wide range of voltages and capacities, supporting the highest voltage levels around the world. These advanced systems have produced innovative products including the first 1000kV, 1000MVA dual-column ultra-high voltage auto-transformer. Coupled with GE's Primary Plus solutions, utilities are able to reduce the time and labor associated with substation design, construction, and expansion ensuring faster capitalization of primary assets.

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Gas Insulated Switchgear

XD|GE provides Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) solutions for high to ultra-high voltage power transmission and distribution power systems. Our compact, highly reliable GIS reduces installation space, operation requirements and costs associated with substation design, construction, installation and maintenance.

With solutions ranging from 72.5kV through 800kV, XD|GE GIS offers a modular and flexible design that is able to meet the needs and challenges of each unique application.

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Live & Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

XD|GE Live Tank circuit breakers (72.5-550kV) and Dead tank circuit breakers (72.5-800kV) are based on proven technology, yielding high quality products suitable for an extensive range of applications. XD|GE’s circuit breakers are compact in design and construction with advanced arc extinguishing technology and self-blast interrupting capability which significantly reduces product size. Designed with a modular spring operated mechanism or an integrated hydromechanical operating mechanism, these circuit breakers improve power system reliability while reducing capital costs and maintenance requirements for a lower total cost of ownership.

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Current Transformers

Available in standard and high accuracy models, XD|GE CT's provide the measurements required for reliable system protection and revenue metering applications. XD|GE offers a diverse range of CT solutions that spans a 69 – 550kV voltage range.

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Capacitive & Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVT & CCVT)

Ideally suited for power line carrier applications, XD|GE CVT & CCVTs offer the voltage signals necessary to effectively operate protection devices. XD|GE provides high-accuracy, innovative, and reliable CVT & CCVT solutions for transmission systems that range from 72.5 through 1100kV.

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Internally or externally-fused or fuseless design options, XD|GE offers high voltage capacitor solutions that range from 25kVAR to 1,000kVAR. With heavy duty designs for increased durability and tolerance to harmonics and transients, XD|GE capacitors work to ensure stable voltage and power flow in transmission systems.

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Manufactured as porcelain-house, polymeric-housed metal laded, or when designed for a specific AC or DC transmission application, our surge arresters provide the necessary protection against atmospheric and switching overvoltages.

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High Voltage Disconnect Switches

XD|GE offers a flexible range of disconnect switches with voltage ratings from 126 – 800kV including both horizontal and vertical configurations. With advanced mechanisms, XD|GE disconnect switches delivers the reliability and operational performance required by these critical assets. Utilizing state-of-the-are manufacturing processes and materials, XD|GE disconnect switches are compact, durable, and highly resistant to the effects of harsh environments.

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