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GE offers a wide range of transformer solutions for the utility, industrial, commercial, residential and energy markets. These solutions feature flexible, reliable and robust designs to support a wide range of applications. With units operating in some of the most demanding electrical environments around the world, GE designs and delivers transformer solutions that provide among the highest level of performance and reliability to meet rigorous operating requirements.

Power Transformers Comprehensive suite of transformers ranging from power generation through transmission and distribution applications, supporting a wide range of voltage levels.
Distribution TransformersDesigned for diverse utility, contractor and industrial applications, GE’s distribution transformers are manufactured with stringent quality control and standards compliance for high reliability.
Green Transformers For environmentally sustainable applications, GE provides an eco-efficient product range from 10 to 500 MVA and up to 550 kV. Units are filled with ester oil, hermetically sealed and highly efficient.
Power Transformers Services When working with large power transformers, attention to small details is important. GE’s services teams provide specialized technical services covering the complete transformer life cycle.