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MapFrame™ FieldSmart
Making mobile technology work

Most of the work done by an electric or gas utility or a telecommunications company takes place outside the office. That means maintaining assets is critical to your business's success. There is increased emphasis on making field work processes more cost effective and powerful with easy-to-use tools to service and maintain your network assets. Customers with network systems also need more capability to unlock the value of existing back office systems in the field.

GE's FieldSmart products are designed for the field and provide enhanced productivity for utilities large and small. Our solution:

Encompasses all map viewing and navigation capabilities while hiding the complexity of GIS and CAD systems to provide the same level of detail to mobile users.

Eliminates the dependency on network connectivity to perform work with powerful compression technology that allows data for the entire service territory to reside on a mobile device.

Allows field workers to view not only any GIS data, but also AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, raster data and aerial imagery.

Creates ROI in months, not years, by delivering powerful, reliable solutions that transform the field into a business center.

  Key Benefits of MapFrame FieldSmart

Combines mobile mapping applications and field automation processes to increase field crew efficiency

Reduces the time to locate, inspect and service field assets significantly

Reduces data entry 50-80%

Reduces paper consumption up to 70%

Reduces fuel consumption 15-50%

Reduces truck mileage and associated CO2 emissions

Improves the efficiency of field-based work

Improves crew safety

  The Complete MapFrame FieldSmart Mobile Solutions Portfolio

FieldSmart View is the core MapFrame client application, encompassing all map viewing and navigation capabilities. FieldSmart View is designed to hide the complexity of GIS and CAD systems but provide the same level of detail to mobile users. The software's compelling interface and powerful capabilities make this the ideal viewer for any environment including the office.

FieldSmart Field Flow Manager handles data flow between the office and the field, driving an incremental update process that synchronizes data and keeps field maps and related data current. Bandwidth throughput requirements are greatly minimized due to small data sets used in our delta update process. Working in wired or wireless environments, field personnel have access to all the information they need to solve complex problems at the job site.

FieldSmart Inspect provides mark-up, query, and editing capabilities, along with data collection features. The Inspect application automates scheduled inspections by replacing paper-based processes. It also quickly captures and geocodes data in the field as users place symbols and redlines on the map.

FieldSmart Collect is a mobile mapping solution designed to enable field personnel to collect and edit asset information efficiently while in the field and from the map. The FieldSmart Collect product can be used to perform audits on existing field assets or to map new assets.

FieldSmart Route provides street level point-to-point routing and displays a highlighted route with turn-by-turn directions on the map. The route can be viewed textually as well as through an audio link when GPS is enabled.

FieldSmart Sketch is a comprehensive redlining tool that provides the ability to add notes and drawing capabilities (text, symbols and annotation) over the existing map and then distributes the information throughout the enterprise.

FieldSmart Plot parses the X/Y coordinate from tabular data (i.e., Microsoft® Access, Microsoft Excel) and charts this data within the FieldSmart View mapping display. It can be applied to any type of information: leak surveys, meter routes, customer data, SCADA points, and more.

FieldSmart Standard Interface (FSI) allows seamless interaction between FieldSmart and mobile workforce management applications. The FSI design enables both applications to run independently but yet achieve maximum user benefit through a clean "transparent" set of functions. Users can view the mobile workforce management application integrated into FieldSmart View as well as easily move back and forth between applications.

FieldSmart Configuration Environment (FCE) is a MapFrame product designed to provide customers with the ability to easily configure their FieldSmart mobile applications. With FCE tools, customers can construct their mobile data model, create and modify map symbols, set graphical display of map features, set zoom levels, and configure menu and toolbar items. FCE tools also provide the ability to add to or modify GIS data contained in the mobile environment. With FCE tools, configuration and data changes can be easily distributed throughout your enterprise with Field Flow Manager server integration.

Mobile Solutions and Code Compliance for Gas Utilities
The FieldSmart Collect and FieldSmart Inspect products were developed to eliminate the time-consuming, manual collection and inspection processes with automated, map-based solutions. Gas utilities have used the FieldSmart Inspect product for automating assets and surveys that are under regulatory constraints, including the following:

Meter Sets

Regulator Sets/Stations

Valve Inspections

Leak Inspections

Leak Surveys

Cathodic Protection Inspections

Cathodic Protection Surveys

A natural gas utility in the northwest United States uses FieldSmart software to perform valve, corrosion, and leak survey code compliance inspections. With regulatory schedules being managed by back-office systems, field-based regulatory inspections and maintenance are performed with the FieldSmart Inspect product, thereby eliminating the need for paper forms. Field technicians can view their work directly on facility maps and have access to historical inspection data. Inspection projects are assigned and transferred to the field digitally and aligned with regulatory schedules. Missed or late inspections are a thing of the past.

Pipeline and Distribution Integrity
The FieldSmart Inspect product automates Pipeline and Distribution Integrity field work, data collection and patrols, including pipeline surveys, such as cathodic protection data, third party construction along right-of-way, encroachments, missing markers, valve accessibility, railroad locations, high consequence areas, and bridges.

A gas transmission utility on the U.S. east coast uses the Windows® Mobile version of the FieldSmart View product to diagram third party crossings and encroachments. Layered on top of the FieldSmart View product is the FieldSmart Sketch product, which allows the mark-up of mapping data as a separate layer. The MapFrame applications interact with the GPS on the handheld devices to find the incident location. The FieldSmart products can also be used "stand alone" on field units to find and verify company assets and locations.

Field Design
The FieldSmart View and FieldSmart Design products power a mobile design system that combines mapping and engineering capabilities in one easy-to-use application. Planners can create detailed engineering designs and drawings at the work site, including cost estimates. The FieldSmart Design product can be interfaced with your work management application to provide the ability to incorporate compatible units and material lists and perform cost calculations in the mobile environment. The FieldSmart Design product utilizes your company rules, standards, and reference materials to create a powerful map-centric mobile design.
  Mobile Solutions for Electric Utilities
  Inspections and Data Collection
A data collection, inspection and redlining tool, the FieldSmart Inspect product was created to eliminate the time-consuming, manual inspection process and replace it with an automated, map-based solution. Electric Utilities have used the tool for automating Pole Audits, Transformer Inspections, Streetlight Inspections, Pad Inspections, and System Wide Audits.

In the aftermath of the record-breaking 2004 hurricane season, a Florida electric utility company was left with a damaged distribution system and thousands of customer power outages. After major repairs and replacements, there was a significant difference between the state of the assets in the field and the back office systems that manage them. In an effort to reconcile the state of their field assets with their maps and records, the utility implemented a Feeder Audit Inspection project powered by FieldSmart software.

To improve operational productivity, a large US electric utility implemented a map-centric field automation solution. Using the FieldSmart View, FieldSmart Inspect, and Field Flow Manager products, the utility fulfilled its requirements.

To conduct an enterprise wide pole audit, a northeast gas and electric utility company hired a contracting firm that leveraged FieldSmart software and its compression technology. This technology enabled the utility to deploy a solution to meet their requirements.

Storm Damage Assessment
The FieldSmart Storm Scout product provides an easy-to-use tool for documenting storm damages from the field. The product ensures the enterprise is promptly advised of where the damages have occurred, what has been damaged, how it has been damaged, and what may be needed for repair. The product documents and tracks the circuits and feeders that have been patrolled and routes field crews to areas that have yet to be patrolled.  

Vegetation Management
In addition to responding to outages, FieldSmart software is capable of preventing them when used by arborists as an estimation tool to identify preventative maintenance on corridors. Utilities can use the FieldSmart product as their planning tool, documenting required maintenance needed on trees, cuts and spray areas, replacing the paper process. The FieldSmart product can also generate customer notifications by taking the complete customer database to the field, including property information, spray limitations, specific tree requirements, and legal or any other notifications that need to be referenced by the arborists.  

Design Work
The FieldSmart View and FieldSmart Design products power a mobile design system that combines mapping and engineering capabilities in one easy-to-use application. Planners can create a facilities drawing at the job site by selecting assemblies (i.e., poles, conductors, transformers) from a compatible units list and tapping the screen to place a symbol. The system lets planners perform engineering calculations (i.e., voltage drop, flicker, guying rules) to verify that the design complies with company standards. It also includes budget items/Public Utilities Commission rules, task qualifiers, and access to reference materials at the project site along with compatible units lists, materials lists, and cost calculations allowing the designer to show its customer an estimate while on site