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Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment

Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment automates the assignment of physical inventory to a service request – whether that is from within the operator's own business or from a third party provider. When a request is received Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment identifies the customer location (or if this is not available yet the closest network terminal) and then determines the physical path upstream from that point back to a main serving location, which could be a street cabinet or a central office.

Key Benefits

  • Increases 'first time turn up' of service based on fully connected physical network
  • Reduces cost of installation failures though reduction in number of installation truck rolls required
  • Improves quality of service as a result of more accurate provisioning
  • Clean separation of physical and service layers so that all interactions with the physical inventory and path management can be managed through Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment
  • Faster response to customer requests and improved customer experience
  • Reduction in network build costs through avoidance of unnecessary network build

  • Key Features

  • Leverage the data held in Smallworld Physical Network Inventory
  • Provides fully automated physical path assignment capability
  • APIs to support interfaces to service order management, work order management and service assurance
  • Web-based user interface for administration and configuration
  • Built on a highly scalable J2EE and Oracle platform

  • Architecture

    Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment has been designed against the TM Forum's eTOM process model. In this model the processes which Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment supports are those within the Fulfillment area, notably Service Configuration & Activation and Resource Provisioning. In the context of the TM Forum's SID model Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment automates the provision of a Resource Faced Service.

    Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment is based upon serviceorientated architecture principles and exposes its functionality as a set of web services over JMS or equivalent mechanism.

    A web-based user interface is provided to allow users to perform manual assignments if necessary. An interface is provided to access Smallworld Physical Network Inventory functionality because in some cases the physical location of inventory is required to fulfill a request, for example for physical diversity only Smallworld Physical Network Inventory holds the level of detail required. The processing of requests and assignment of resources takes place within a J2EE application sever acting against data provided from Smallworld Physical Network Inventory held in a short-transaction database such as Oracle®. The business rules that control the assignment process vary from operator to operator, therefore Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment will utilize an extensive rules-base which will allow for configuration of the solution to encapsulate the necessary business rules.

    FTTH Network Support

    Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment is currently focused on supporting the fibre access networks commonly used in FTTH networks. The types of network architectures and scenarios supported are shown below.